Our Story - Some of the history of Westside

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Westside Bible Fellowship has been ministering to the needs of people in the community and the world for four decades. Our story began in 1979 when several families from Laurel Park Bible Chapel in Portland (now Spring Mountain Bible Church) began meeting for Bible study in one of their homes in Washington County.

In 1980, they began formally meeting as a church. A year later, they rented the Odd Fellows Hall in Aloha. In February 1983, we purchased the Elks Hall at 9th and Walnut in Hillsboro.

By 2000 we had outgrown the building and needed more space. We demolished the building and began construction on a new facility at the same location. For the next couple of years we used four different rented facilities. We used to tell people we were "following the cloud" as God led us from place to place! But God blessed in amazing ways by giving us love and unity and actually growing our number during that difficult time of transition. In the spring of 2004, construction was completed on our current facility.

But buildings aside - and we never want the focus to be on buildings because the church is all about God and His relationship with and work in the hearts of people. Over the years we have seen God do wonderful things in the lives of people who have come through our front doors as well as those who live in our communities and in other nations. Westside Bible Fellowship belongs to the Lord, and all the praise belongs to Him for what He has done.

Some people ask about our historical roots and denominational ties. They are outlined in this quote from our Church Handbook.

"Westside Bible Fellowship does not have official ties to any other church or denomination. Our goal is to pattern our doctrine and practice after the examples and principles provided by God for His church in the New Testament. Beginning in the 1830's, God used a number of godly men and women to plant churches that reemphasized some neglected New Testament principles. These included things such as the autonomy of each individual church, a plurality of elders (pastors) leading the church, the priesthood of every believer and consistent worship through the Breaking of Bread. It has sometimes been referred to as the "Plymouth Brethren" movement. Some well-known Christians who came from this heritage are George Mueller, Harry Ironside, Jim Elliot, Margaret Clarkson, F.F. Bruce, Larry Crabb, and Luis Palau."

The main thing, however, is that we love and wish to follow and serve the Lord Jesus Christ, and we highly value God's authoritative written Word, the Bible. The final chapter in our story has not been written. We continue to trust the Lord to do wonderful things in the lives of people through this local expression of the Church, the Body of Christ.

Sunday Gatherings

Sunday Worship - 10:30 am
Sunday School - 10:30 am