Just follow the cloud!

BuildingExterior 1Here's a trip down memory lane for those who were part of the Westside church fellowship 14 years ago and for those who are curious about how our building got built.

We had outgrown our little building and needed more space. Originally, we were going to keep the old structure and just add on additional space. However, when we realized the walls wouldn't support the new structure, we made the big decision to demolish the building and build a new, much larger one right on top of it and on two adjoining lots that we had purchased.

It was an interesting several years of demolition, construction, moving from place to place and trusting God. For a short time, our auditorium was actually missing a wall and had a temporary one. That only lasted a few weeks before we were forced to find temporary quarters elsewhere - first in a school, then in another church, followed by a theater and another church.

We used to tell people we were "following the cloud" as God led us from place to place! But God blessed in amazing ways by giving us love and unity and actually growing our number during that difficult time of transition.

Construction was completed in several years, and we held our first service in the new building on March 20, 2004. There was much thankfulness to the Lord for His wonderful provision.

Check out the photos of the construction process.

construction 1 construction 2 
 The old auditorium with a temporary wall . . . and the famous orange chairs!  This is the back half of the original auditorium, chairs flipped perpendicular.
construction 3 construction 4
 Demolishing the old building while the new one goes up.  Machines make lighter work.
construction 5 construction 6
The open doorway leading from the old auditorium to the foyer. The new roof being erected over the shell of the old building.
construction 7  
Making progress with the new green roof.  

Sunday Gatherings

Sunday Worship - 10:30 am
Sunday School - 10:30 am
Junior High "The Power" Youth Group - 6:00 pm
High School "Bridges" Youth Group - 6:00 pm