Activities for the whole family

We're strong believers in family at Westside. Family was God's idea from the start. He highly values it, whether it be marriage or the church family. 

multigenerational family 1And we do too.

Much of God's work in the lives of people is done in the context of family as people learn from one another in a loving environment.

Anyone who walks through our front doors quickly notices that the Westside church family is made up of a wide spectrum of people. 

There are children, teenagers, young adults, young marrieds, families, middle-age people and seniors - people from 1 to almost 100! We think it's very healthy to rub shoulders with people of all ages in a local church. Every person is valuable to the heart of God. Older people can learn from the young, and the young can learn from those who are more "seasoned." Consequently, we take seriously our call to not only value people of all ages but to also minister to their spirtual needs.

You'll find a wide range of activities at Westside. Some are geared to specific age groups while others are designed to minister to the whole family. We have Sunday gathers for the whole church, childen, and youth.

If you're single, we very much want to be a family with whom you can connect. As you explore our website, we encourage you to check the listings under "Get Connected."  Also make regular use of our online calendar for a listing of all scheduled events.