Family Matters

WBF 2019 Banner Family MaOver the past nine years, the elders have called the Westside body to focus on certain important church values by identifying specific themes that relate to areas where we want to grow spiritually as a church.

Our 2019 church theme is "Family Matters." The theme Scripture verse is from Joshua 24:15, “Choose this day whom you will serve . . . as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” 

These words were spoken by Joshua to the people of Israel when they were in Shechem, the very place where God had earlier made His covenant with them and called them to passionately serve Him for life.

Shechem had been dedicated as the place for worshiping the Lord and remembering His holiness. Joshua reminded them to put away all idols from their lives and to worship and serve God with their whole hearts. In calling them to serve the Lord, Joshua affirmed that he and his family would do it regardless of what they decided to do. This was his family's firm decision - "We will serve the Lord."

The elders are calling the entire church family to join them in loving, serving, and obeying the Lord, believing that as we do, it will deeply impact every aspect of family life, including our relationships as husbands, wives, parents, children, singles, and as a church.

We're going to be learning about a wide range of practical issues relating to the family. We're going to learn from God's Word that family matters to Him.

The elders ask every person who is part of Westside Bible Fellowship to choose whom they will serve and to sincerely ask God to cause their focus on Him to deeply impact all our family relationships.

Join us because family does matter to God and to us.