Bible Reading Plans

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Reading and meditating on the Word of God is absolutely vital to Christian growth. Though many Christians are regular Bible readers, others are not regularly getting into the Word.

The elders of Westside Bible Fellowship encourage everyone who is part of the Westside body to read and meditate on God's Word daily. Not so we can say that we've done our duty or check off our Bible reading chart. Rather, so we can get to know God better and delight in Him and His wonderful love for us.

Here are three helpful one-year reading plans:

Chronological One-Year Read-through: This Bible reading plan focuses on the major people and events of the Bible in chronological order, beginning with Creation, moving through the history of Israel, the life of Christ, the birth and growth of the church and ending with Revelation's prophetic words.  Click here to download a copy.

New Testament and Psalms One-Year Read-through: Less intensive than the chronological read-through, this plan will take you through the entire New Testament and the Psalms in one year. Click here to download a copy.

5x5x5 One-Year Read-through: This reading plan, developed by the Navigators, will take you through all 260 chapters of the New Testament, one chapter per day by reading about 5 minutes a day. The gospels are read throughout the year to keep the story of Jesus fresh all year. Click here to download a copy.

Limited printed copies of these Bible plans are available in the church foyer. Other plans can be found online.  Search on "Bible reading plans."

There's also great value in doing a Bible read-through with another person. Check out this article on the power of reading the Bible together.