Bible Correspondence Courses

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Bible correspondence courses are a great way to do serious personal Bible study. You can also use them to help others learn to be disciples.

We suggest Emmaus Bible correspondence courses from Emmaus International. You purchase the courses, do the studies and take the exams. Emmaus grades the exams for you and answers any questions that you may have. Some of the courses are displayed in the rack in the Westside library and are available for purchase..

Many courses are available in both English and Spanish on the basics of the Christian life, Bible survey, book and doctrine studies and studies that meet special needs. Some courses are geared to helping seekers understand the Gospel. "Lessons for Christian Living" and "Guide to Christian Growth" are recommended for gettting started is discipleship. In addition to their primary value as a personal study tool, these courses can be used as teaching materials for family, youth, neighborhood, and church Bible studies.

Emmaus International also publishes Christian Training Workbooks. Five workbooks are designed to help Christians grow in their faith. "Survey in Basic Christianity" is for new or untaught Christians. "Basic Christian Training" is for growing Christians who want to grow more. "Intermediate Christian Training," "Advanced Christian Training" and "Living Discipleship Principles" take believers deeper in discipleship training.

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