Introducing Ian Williams, Youth Pastor

Recently, the Elders shared their hearts about their increasing burden to see Westside be a disciple-making church. They also shared their burden to see God to do a very deep work among our Junior High and Senior High youth. They asked the body to prayerfully consider a proposal to add a full-time Youth Pastor to our ministry team. They asked for feedback about this proposal.

Ian Williams 1The Elders listened and shared the results of the feedback. The response from the body was overwhelmingly positive both to the idea of a Youth Pastor and to one person we were considering, Ian Williams who grew up at Westside.

Some asked questions to get more clarification. Here are answers to questions that were most frequently raised. Others made very good suggestions. Some even committed to increase their giving to help support the person. Only one negative response was received from a couple who thought it did not fit with the way we do things. Every person who responded received an answer from the Elders who tried to answer all questions that were raised.

Because of this overwhelmingly positive affirmation, the Elders believe it is God’s timing for Westside to move forward by faith and offer Ian Williams the job of Youth Pastor. They did this and were thrilled that Ian accepted the offer because of his passion to disciple youth at Westside.

Ian will start putting together a youth leadership team and plan for youth groups in the fall. In August he marries Abbi who is looking forward to serving alongside him in youth ministry.

Please give thanks to the Lord for the way He has led. Please encourage Ian and Abbi and pray that the Lord will use them greatly to make disciples who will make disciples and to train leaders who will do the same.

“I will praise the Lord and may everyone on earth bless his holy name forever and ever” (Psalm 145:21).