Why We Need to Belong to a Church

Being in quarantine during COVID has shone a light on the value of being part of a church community for many of us.

two women talkingFamily life is messy but beautiful. Church family is messy but beautiful too. There are aspects of God and His love that are experienced with greater depth in community.

You can feel and know God loves you alone and at home. It's a whole other experience to show up at church or small group, share a struggle, be prayed for, receive meals, babysitting for your kids, encouragement cards, and then to turn around and do that for others. Having people to rejoice with you in your victories and cry with you in your sorrows. Having people to teach you and others for you to teach. Living life side-by-side with others who love Jesus just as much as you.

That's the church, and it's a gift we have often taken for granted. Some will try to convince themselves they aren't needed at the church, but that's a flat out lie.

We all need each other. We cannot live in isolation. Those who try are likely to crash.

10 big reasons why all of us need to belong to a church.