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Title Scripture Speaker Date Additional file
Declaration of Dependence Various 2014-06-29
Westside Stories 2013 Keith Pagel 2013-12-08 Video on Youtube
Symphony Louie Giglio 2013-07-07
Missionary, Missional, Merciful Acts 26:8-20 Luis Palau 2013-03-02
Westside Stories Phil De La Motte 2012-12-08 Video on Youtube
Worship: It's What We Do Louie Giglio 2012-09-22
Christ in The Passover Luke 22:7-21 Joshua Sofaer 2012-04-14 Westside Sermon Visuals
The Sacrificial Poet Phil Long 2011-09-17
Westside Stories Various 2011-02-05
Trusting God's Salvation Daniel 3 Mike Silva 2010-01-23
Friendship Sunday Various 2009-12-05
Fiesta in Your Heart Jim Williams 2009-09-12
The Choice of Your Life Scott Goff 2008-08-16
Have You Ever Wondered What You're Worshipping? John Kay 2007-12-01
Have You Ever Wondered if God is Talking to You? Keith Pagel 2007-06-02
Have You Ever Wondered if You Could Start Your Life Over? Jim Williams 2007-03-10
What's So Amazing About Grace Wayne Vandekraak 2006-12-23
What About Eternity? Jeff Lanet 2005-08-27
Can a Person Really Change? Luis Palau 2005-04-02
How Much Does God Love You? Kevin Sawatsky 2005-02-12
One Life to Live Wayne Vandekraak 2004-09-25
Where is God When I'm Scared? Wayne Fish 2004-05-08