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Title Scripture Speaker Date Additional file
Good News Is Here Luke 2:8-21 Ian Williams 2020-12-20 Westside Sermon Visuals
To Us a Child is Born Isaiah 9:6 Herb Kirchem 2019-12-22 Westside Sermon Visuals
The ABC's of Christmas Fausto Huerta 2019-12-15 Westside Sermon Visuals
The Good News And The Bad News Of Christmas Luke 2:1-15 Herb Kirchem 2018-12-23
A First Glimpse Of Jesus Luke 1:26-38 Tim Boettcher 2018-12-16 Westside Sermon Visuals
The Savior Has Come Larry Pickett 2018-12-09
If There Were No Christmas Luke 2:8-14 Herb Kirchem 2017-12-24 Westside Sermon Visuals
Prepare For Christmas Mark 1:1-8 Dick Papworth 2017-12-17 Westside Sermon Visuals
Live From Bethlehem Scott Goff 2017-12-10
Salvation Is Here Matthew 1:21-25 Kennedy Hawkins 2016-12-25
Turning A Mess Into A Message Paul Tang 2016-12-18
Sunday School Christmas Program 2015 Philip Boettcher 2015-12-13
A Simple Christmas John 3:16 Keith Pagel 2014-12-21 Westside Sermon Visuals
In The Fullness Of Time Galatians 4:4 Scott Goff 2014-12-07 Westside Sermon Visuals
Wise Men Still Seek Him Matthew 2:1-12 Jim Williams 2013-12-22 Westside Sermon Visuals
Sunday School Christmas Program Keith Pagel 2013-12-15
A Perfect Christmas Luke 2:10-14 Terry Hickman 2012-12-22 Westside Sermon Visuals
God's Plan For You Jeremiah 29:11 Scott Goff 2012-12-15 Westside Sermon Visuals
Christmas in the Big Picture Scott Goff 2011-12-24 Westside Sermon Visuals
Gifts Worthy of a King Matthew 2:1-12 Jim Williams 2011-12-17 Westside Sermon Visuals
The Gift that Keeps Giving Herb Kirchem 2010-12-18
Long Expected Jesus Phil De La Motte 2010-12-11
Come, Marvel, Immanuel Matthew 1:22-23 Kennedy Hawkins 2009-12-19
No Room Mike Rice 2009-12-12
Behold Your King! Isaiah 9:1-7 Dick Papworth 2008-12-27
A Savior, Born for You Luke 2:10-11 Dick Papworth 2007-12-22
The Gift that Keeps Giving Herb Kirchem 2007-12-15
Operation Christmas Terry Hickman 2006-12-16
Christmas Day Dan Hickman 2005-12-24
Christmas Letters (Christmas Program) Jim Williams 2005-12-17
What an Awesome Gift! John Wecks 2004-12-18