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Title Scripture Speaker Date Additional file
The Remedy for Spiritual Backsliding Judges 19-21 Dick Papworth 2005-12-10
The Trap of Idolatry Judges 17-18 Jim Williams 2005-11-26
The Perils of Temptation Judges 16 Herb Kirchem 2005-11-12
The Consequences of Compromise Judges 13-15 Dick Papworth 2005-11-05
Overcoming Your Past Judges 11-12 Scott Goff 2005-10-29
The Importance of Truth and Character Judges 9 Dan Graham 2005-10-22
Experiencing the Power of God Judges 7 Jim Williams 2005-10-15
Overcoming Fear and Doubt Judges 6 Rich Davis 2005-10-08
Who Can I Trust? Judges 4-5 Terry Hickman 2005-10-01
The Lord, the Promise Keeper Judges 3 Hank Warren 2005-09-24
Caught in a Cycle of Misery Judges 1-2 Mike Rice 2005-09-17