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Title Scripture Speaker Date Additional file
Living in the Light of Eternity Peter Mead 2004-11-06
Heaven and the New Jerusalem - Our Destination Beyond History Dick Papworth 2004-10-30
Final Judgment - The End of History Mike Rice 2004-10-23
The Kingdom Age - The Goal of History Herb Kirchem 2004-10-16
The Return of Christ - The Hinge of History Herb Kirchem 2004-10-09
The Tribulation - Israel in God's Plan Peter Mead 2004-10-02
The Tribulation - The Wrath of the Lamb Dick Papworth 2004-09-18
The Rapture of the Church Mike Rice 2004-09-11
The Dawning of the Last Days - The First Coming of Christ Peter Mead 2004-09-04
God's Promise Plan - The Covenant Program of Scripture Peter Mead 2004-08-28