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Title Scripture Speaker Date Additional file
The Final Mission Acts 28:1-31 Dave St. Lawrence 2013-07-28 Westside Sermon Visuals
Lessons From A Storm Acts 27:1-44 Terry Hickman 2013-07-21 Westside Sermon Visuals
Defending The Faith Acts 25:13-26:32 Tim Boettcher 2013-07-14 Westside Sermon Visuals
The Warning In The Gospel Acts 24:1-25:12 Brian Lineburg 2013-06-30
Encouragement When You Need It Acts 22:30-23:35 Dick Papworth 2013-06-23 Westside Sermon Visuals
Just Tell Your Story Acts 21:27-22:29 Herb Kirchem 2013-06-02 Westside Sermon Visuals
Counterculture Or Not Acts 21:17-26 Dick Papworth 2013-05-05
Better to Lose Your Life than Waste It Acts 21:1-16 Keith Pagel 2013-04-28 Westside Sermon Visuals
Profile of a Disciple Maker Acts 20:1-38 Terry Hickman 2012-05-19 Westside Sermon Visuals
Put Your Armor On Acts 19:11-41 Herb Kirchem 2012-05-05 Westside Sermon Visuals
Discipleship in Action Acts 18:18-19:10 Brian Lineburg 2012-04-28
Too Soon to Quit Acts 18:1-17 Dick Papworth 2012-04-21 Westside Sermon Visuals
Getting to Know God Acts 17:16-34 Dave St. Lawrence 2012-03-31 Westside Sermon Visuals
A Tale of Two Cities Acts 17:1-15 Terry Hickman 2012-03-24 Westside Sermon Visuals
Bear Fruit Where You're Planted Acts 16:16-40 Herb Kirchem 2012-03-17 Westside Sermon Visuals
Doors Acts 16:6-15 Kennedy Hawkins 2012-03-10 Westside Sermon Visuals
Resolving Conflicts Acts 15:36-16:5 Jim Williams 2012-03-03 Westside Sermon Visuals
Grace Alone Acts 15:1-35 Herb Kirchem 2012-02-25 Westside Sermon Visuals
The Discipled Church Acts 14:19-28 Dick Papworth 2012-02-18 Westside Sermon Visuals
Heroes of Discipleship Acts 14:1-18 Dave St. Lawrence 2012-02-04 Westside Sermon Visuals
Resistance and Responsiveness Acts 13:42-52 Tim Boettcher 2012-01-28 Westside Sermon Visuals
Evangelism the Right Way Acts 13:13-41 Keith Pagel 2012-01-21 Westside Sermon Visuals
Embracing Sacrifice Acts 13:1-12 Dick Papworth 2012-01-14 Westside Sermon Visuals
Jailbreak Acts 12:1-17 Dick Papworth 2011-09-10 Westside Sermon Visuals
A Model for Effective Evangelism Acts 11:1-30 Herb Kirchem 2011-09-03 Westside Sermon Visuals
No Favorites With God Acts 10:23-48 Fausto Huerta 2011-08-27
Sovereign Preparation Acts 10:1-23 Terry Hickman 2011-08-20
A Grand Pause Acts 9:32-43 Hank Warren 2011-08-13
Take the Name Acts 9:20-31 Kennedy Hawkins 2011-08-06
Enough Grace for The Worst Acts 9:1-19 Dick Papworth 2011-07-30
Prepared and Ready Acts 8:25-40 Herb Kirchem 2010-08-07
Spiritual Counterfeits Acts 8:9-24 Jim Williams 2010-07-31
The Church on the Move Acts 8:1-8 Brian Lineburg 2010-07-24
How To Live, How To Die Acts 6:8-7:60 Dan Hickman 2010-07-17
Twin Peaks Acts 6:1-7 Terry Hickman 2010-07-03
Free to Take a Stand Acts 5:12-42 Dick Papworth 2010-06-26
The Power of a Life of Integrity Acts 4:32-5:11 Peter Mead 2010-06-12
Traits of Highly Effective Christians Acts 4:1-31 Herb Kirchem 2010-06-05
Putting the Spotlight on Jesus Acts 3:1-26 Hank Warren 2010-05-22
The Biblical Church Acts 2:41-47 Keith Pagel 2010-05-15
The First Christian Sermon Acts 2:14-40 Terry Hickman 2010-05-01
The Ministry of the Holy Spirit Act 2:1-13 Herb Kirchem 2010-04-24
In God's Waiting Room Acts 1:12-26 Dick Papworth 2010-04-17
One Thing We Know For Sure Acts 1:1-11 Dick Papworth 2010-04-10