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Title Scripture Speaker Date Series Additional file
Worship 911
Brad Sandberg 2006-11-18 General Topics
The Benefits of a Controlled Temper
Dick Papworth 2006-11-11 Proverbs
The Benefits of Moral Purity
Jim Williams 2006-11-04 Proverbs
The Benefits of Humility
Scott Goff 2006-10-28 Proverbs
The Benefits of Wise Counsel
Terry Hickman 2006-10-21 Proverbs
Maximizing Your Worship at The Lord's Supper, Part 2
Herb Kirchem 2006-10-14 Lord's Supper
Maximizing Your Worship at The Lord's Supper, Part 1
Dick Papworth 2006-10-07 Lord's Supper
With Help from My Friends
Colossians 4:7-18 Wayne Vandekraak 2006-09-30 Colossians
Devoted to Prayer
Colossians 4:2-6 Keith Pagel 2006-09-23 Colossians
Living Out the Life of Christ in the Family and at Work
Colossians 3:18-4:1 Jim Williams 2006-09-16 Colossians
Missions Sunday
Fausto Huerta 2006-09-09 Missions Sundays
Full Buckets Cause Wet Feet
Colossians 3:12-17 Dick Papworth 2006-09-02 Colossians
Jesus and the Modern Debate
Jordan Scheetz 2006-08-26 Missions Sundays
Renewing the Image
Colossians 3:5-11 Terry Hickman 2006-08-19 Colossians
Living Out the Risen Life
Colossians 3:1-4 Dan Hickman 2006-08-12 Colossians
Christ in a World of Fiction
Colossians 2:16-23 Hank Warren 2006-08-05 Colossians
Getting Things Straight About Christ
Colossians 2:8-15 Herb Kirchem 2006-07-29 Colossians
Rooted, Built up and Walking in Christ
Colossians 2:1-7 Jim Williams 2006-07-22 Colossians
Salt and Light
Matthew 5:13-16 Floyd Schneider 2006-07-15 Missions Sundays
Living Life with the Highest Goals
Colossians 1:21-29 Dick Papworth 2006-07-08 Colossians
The Excellencies of Christ
Colossians 1:13-20 Jim Williams 2006-07-01 Colossians
First Things First
Colossians 1:1-12 Terry Hickman 2006-06-24 Colossians
The Shepherd's Heart
2 Corinthians 12:11-13:14 Dick Papworth 2006-06-17 2 Corinthians
My Burden Carries Me
2 Corinthians 12:1-10 Scott Goff 2006-06-10 2 Corinthians
Super Leaders
2 Corinthians 11 Herb Kirchem 2006-06-03 2 Corinthians
1 John Jim Williams 2006-05-27 Memorial Day Retreat 2006
Three Things the Lord Has Taught Me About Life
David Nelson 2006-05-27 General Topics
1 John Jim Williams 2006-05-26 Memorial Day Retreat 2006
1 John Jim Williams 2006-05-26 Memorial Day Retreat 2006
1 John Jim Williams 2006-05-25 Memorial Day Retreat 2006
Ministry That Matters
2 Corinthians 10 Hank Warren 2006-05-20 2 Corinthians
Mother's Day
Philippians 3 Mike Raichart 2006-05-13 Mother's Day
The Need to Give
2 Corinthians 8-9 Keith Pagel 2006-05-06 2 Corinthians
Good Grief
2 Corinthians 6:14-7:16 Terry Hickman 2006-04-29 2 Corinthians
Ambassadors for Christ
2 Corinthians 5:11-6:13 Rich Davis 2006-04-22 2 Corinthians
It's Friday, but Sunday's Coming
Herb Kirchem 2006-04-15 Easter
This Treasure
II Corinthians 4:1-5:10 Herb Kirchem 2006-04-08 2 Corinthians
The Wonder of the Gospel of Grace
II Corinthians 3 Dick Papworth 2006-04-01 2 Corinthians
Aways Yes in Christ
II Corinthians 1:12-2:17 Jim Williams 2006-03-25 2 Corinthians
Our Comforting God
II Corinthians 1:1-11 Dan Graham 2006-03-18 2 Corinthians
Europe is a Mission Field
Tim Boettcher 2006-03-11 Missions Sundays
Trusting God in Times of Trouble
Psalm 46 Dick Papworth 2006-03-04 Psalms
Trusting God When We Need Hope
Psalm 33 Wayne Vandekraak 2006-02-25 Psalms
The Blood of the New Covenant
II Corinthians 3 Bert Elliot 2006-02-18 Missions Sundays
Amazing Love
Psalm 19 Terry Hickman 2006-02-11 Psalms
Trusting God When We Fail
Psalm 32 Peter Mead 2006-02-04 Psalms
Trusting God When We Need Refuge
Psalm 27 Mike Rice 2006-01-28 Psalms
Trusting God When Nations Are in Turmoil
Psalm 2 Terry Hickman 2006-01-21 Psalms
Trusting God for a Blessed Life
Psalm 1 Herb Kirchem 2006-01-14 Psalms
Looking Back, Looking Forward
The Elders 2006-01-07 From the Heart of the Elders
From the Heart of the Elders
The Elders 2005-12-31 From the Heart of the Elders
Christmas Day
Dan Hickman 2005-12-24 Christmas
Christmas Letters (Christmas Program)
Jim Williams 2005-12-17 Christmas
The Remedy for Spiritual Backsliding
Judges 19-21 Dick Papworth 2005-12-10 Judges
Missions Sunday
Harry Johnson 2005-12-03 Missions Sundays
The Trap of Idolatry
Judges 17-18 Jim Williams 2005-11-26 Judges
Give Thanks to the Lord for He is Good
Psalm 107:1 Wally Otto 2005-11-19 Thanksgiving
The Perils of Temptation
Judges 16 Herb Kirchem 2005-11-12 Judges
The Consequences of Compromise
Judges 13-15 Dick Papworth 2005-11-05 Judges
Overcoming Your Past
Judges 11-12 Scott Goff 2005-10-29 Judges
The Importance of Truth and Character
Judges 9 Dan Graham 2005-10-22 Judges
Experiencing the Power of God
Judges 7 Jim Williams 2005-10-15 Judges
Overcoming Fear and Doubt
Judges 6 Rich Davis 2005-10-08 Judges
Who Can I Trust?
Judges 4-5 Terry Hickman 2005-10-01 Judges
The Lord, the Promise Keeper
Judges 3 Hank Warren 2005-09-24 Judges
Caught in a Cycle of Misery
Judges 1-2 Mike Rice 2005-09-17 Judges
Effective Praying with Others
Dick Papworth 2005-09-10 Prayer 2005
Using Prayer in Spiritual Warfare
Herb Kirchem 2005-09-03 Prayer 2005
What About Eternity?
Jeff Lanet 2005-08-27 Friendship Sundays
Prayers The Father Hears
Terry Hickman 2005-08-20 Prayer 2005
Praying According to the Will of God
Jim Williams 2005-08-06 Prayer 2005
Adoring God Through Prayer
Dick Papworth 2005-07-30 Prayer 2005
Why Make Prayer a Priority?
Terry Hickman 2005-07-23 Prayer 2005
A Passion for Generous Giving
Herb Kirchem 2005-07-16 Vision 2005
A Passion for World Missions
Dick Papworth 2005-07-09 Vision 2005
Missions Sunday
Dennis McGee 2005-07-02 Missions Sundays
A Priceless Father's Day Gift
Wally Otto 2005-06-18 Father's Day
A Passion for Strong Marriages and Families
Dick Papworth 2005-06-11 Vision 2005
A Passion for Showing Grace and Love
Dan Graham 2005-06-04 Vision 2005
Lessons From the Life of Joseph, #4
David Reid 2005-05-28 Memorial Day Retreat 2005
The True Cost of Freedom
Arden Trautman 2005-05-28 General Topics
Lessons From the Life of Joseph, #2
David Reid 2005-05-27 Memorial Day Retreat 2005
Lessons From the Life of Joseph, #3
David Reid 2005-05-27 Memorial Day Retreat 2005
Lessons From the Life of Joseph, #1
David Reid 2005-05-26 Memorial Day Retreat 2005
A Passion for Serving Others
Mike Rice 2005-05-21 Vision 2005
The Hand that Rocks the Cradle
Scott Goff 2005-05-07 Mother's Day
A Passion for Fellowship
Mike Rice 2005-04-30 Vision 2005
A Passion for Prayer
Terry Hickman 2005-04-23 Vision 2005
A Passion for Obedience and Holiness
Jim Williams 2005-04-16 Vision 2005
A Passion to Worship
Herb Kirchem 2005-04-09 Vision 2005
Can a Person Really Change?
Luis Palau 2005-04-02 Friendship Sundays
Raising Our Capsized Worlds
Ron Frost 2005-03-26 Easter
Missions in the Spanish-speaking World
Jim Williams 2005-03-19 Missions Sundays
Secrets To Contentment
Philippians 4:10-23 Herb Kirchem 2005-03-12 General Topics
Stress-Free Living
Philippians 4:2-9 Wayne Vandekraak 2005-03-05 Philippians
The Surpassing Value of Knowing Christ
Philippians 3:1-11 Rich Davis 2005-02-19 Philippians
How Much Does God Love You?
Kevin Sawatsky 2005-02-12 Friendship Sundays
Servants of Christ
Philippians 2:19-30 Dan Hickman 2005-02-05 Philippians
The Call to Spiritual Unity
Philippians 2:1-18 Dick Papworth 2005-01-29 Philippians
Joy in the Worst of Times
Philippians 1:12-30 Terry Hickman 2005-01-22 Philippians
Ten Things I Learned Before I Was 21
George Verwer 2005-01-22 GLOW
An Encouraging Example
Philippians 1:3-11 Mike Rice 2005-01-15 Philippians
The Church at Philippi
Philippians 1:1-2 Jim Williams 2005-01-08 Philippians
Vision from the Heart of the Elders
The Elders 2005-01-01 From the Heart of the Elders
From the Heart of the Elders
The Elders 2004-12-25 From the Heart of the Elders
What an Awesome Gift!
John Wecks 2004-12-18 Christmas
Christ: The True Vine
John 15 Herb Kirchem 2004-12-11 Pictures of Christ
Christ: The Good Shepherd
John 10 Terry Hickman 2004-12-04 Pictures of Christ
Christ: The Way, the Truth, and the Life
John 14:6 Wayne Vandekraak 2004-11-27 Pictures of Christ
Cultivating a Gratitude Attitude
Hank Warren 2004-11-20 Thanksgiving
From Spain with Love
Manuel Aleman 2004-11-13 Missions Sundays
Living in the Light of Eternity
Peter Mead 2004-11-06 The End Times
Heaven and the New Jerusalem - Our Destination Beyond History
Dick Papworth 2004-10-30 The End Times
Final Judgment - The End of History
Mike Rice 2004-10-23 The End Times
The Kingdom Age - The Goal of History
Herb Kirchem 2004-10-16 The End Times
The Return of Christ - The Hinge of History
Herb Kirchem 2004-10-09 The End Times
The Tribulation - Israel in God's Plan
Peter Mead 2004-10-02 The End Times
One Life to Live
Wayne Vandekraak 2004-09-25 Friendship Sundays
The Tribulation - The Wrath of the Lamb
Dick Papworth 2004-09-18 The End Times
The Rapture of the Church
Mike Rice 2004-09-11 The End Times
The Dawning of the Last Days - The First Coming of Christ
Peter Mead 2004-09-04 The End Times
God's Promise Plan - The Covenant Program of Scripture
Peter Mead 2004-08-28 The End Times
Grace Giving
Terry Hickman 2004-08-21 General Topics
Marriage: Valuing Your Spouse
Dan Graham 2004-08-14 Marriage 2004
Marriage: A Call to Holiness More Than Happiness
Dick Papworth 2004-08-07 Marriage 2004
Marriage: An Unconditional Commitment
Herb Kirchem 2004-07-31 Marriage 2004
Marriage: Choosing to Forgive
Mike Rice 2004-07-24 Marriage 2004
Marriage: Opening the lines of Communication
Jim Williams 2004-07-17 Marriage 2004
Marriage: A Divine Design
Terry Hickman 2004-07-10 Marriage 2004
Is It Time?
Haggai Peter Mead 2004-07-03 The Minor Prophets
Missions Sunday
Eric Ericsson 2004-06-19 Missions Sundays
How Long, O Lord?
Habakkuk Peter Mead 2004-06-12 The Minor Prophets
Speading the Love of Christ in Romania
Fausto Huerta 2004-06-05 Missions Sundays
The Life of Abraham, #4
Dan Lockwood 2004-05-22 Memorial Day Retreat 2004
The Life of Abraham, #2
Dan Lockwood 2004-05-21 Memorial Day Retreat 2004
The Life of Abraham, #3
Dan Lockwood 2004-05-21 Memorial Day Retreat 2004
The Life of Abraham, #1
Dan Lockwood 2004-05-20 Memorial Day Retreat 2004
The Heart of Evangelism - The Foundational Relationship
Terry Hickman 2004-05-15 Evangelism 2004
The Heart of Evangelism - The Task
Herb Kirchem 2004-05-15 Evangelism 2004
Where is God When I'm Scared?
Wayne Fish 2004-05-08 Friendship Sundays
Letters Missionaries Never Write
Fred Kosin 2004-05-01 Missions Sundays
Loving Christ Because He Encourages the Discouraged
Terry Hickman 2004-04-17 Loving Christ
Loving Christ Because He Rose Victoriously
Peter Mead 2004-04-10 Loving Christ
Loving Christ Because He Gave His Life For Us
Jim Williams 2004-04-03 Loving Christ
Loving Christ Because He Seeks and Calls the Lost
Mike Rice 2004-03-27 Loving Christ
Missions Sunday
Dick Papworth 2004-03-20 Missions Sundays