Reaching out locally

local outreach programs

Westside provides many local outreach opportunities for individuals. The primary purpose of the main weekly meetings of the church is to strengthen Christians in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The New Testament teaches that the church gathers to be built up and goes out into the world to evangelize as a way of life.

So we encourage all Westside believers to reach out and build one-on-one friendships, demonstrate hospitality and practical service and share the good news of the crucified and risen Christ so our friends will have the opportunity to trust Him as Savior. For more information about Westside's plan for reaching out, read Part Four of our Church Handbook.

Of course, unbelievers are always welcome at Westside services, and we are committed to sharing clear presentations of the Gospel during these meetings.  In addition, we organize occasional quality evangelistic outreach events.

Resources for Evangelism has compiled an extensive list of hundreds of resources and ideas that you can use to share the Gospel with others. We are not responsible for the content of all these resources.

Sunday Gatherings

Sunday Worship - 10:30 am
Sunday School - 10:30 am
Junior High "The Power" Youth Group - 6:00 pm
High School "Bridges" Youth Group - 6:00 pm