Westside Bible Fellowship is led by elders, deacons, a Women's Council, and other leaders.


Elders serve as pastors or spiritual shepherds. The elders are responsible to oversee, shepherd and lead the flock by both example and instruction (Acts 20:17-35). They are raised up by the Holy Spirit and recognized by the body for the work they are doing and for their qualifications as described in the New Testament (1 Timothy 3:1-7, Titus 1:5-9).

Plural and equal are two important words that describe our chosen elder-led form of church leadership. We believe the New Testament clearly teaches that the local church should be led by a plurality of elders (Acts 14:23). This provides important accountability and special protection against false teaching and allows us to take advantage of the varied spiritual gifts, ideas and counsel that different elders provide. Our elders serve as equals on a team where no one of them has more authority than the others. For more details, read the Church Leadership section of our Church Handbook.

Andy Gossard

Dan Graham elderAndy (he goes by “Andrew” at home) grew up in Eugene, OR, a few blocks from the small assembly his family attended. He remembers meeting many missionaries and watching their slide shows. God used these early experiences to develop a burden for least-reached people groups which led to studies in missiology and Indonesian language. He married his wife Stephanie in 1990, and they have one daughter and one granddaughter. Together, they joined Westside in 2011, serve in an evangelistic organization, enjoy their granddaughter, and care for aging parents. Andy has a burden to make God’s Word relevant to people of every age and culture and see the message lived out and not merely listened to. He has taught Sunday School and been involved with foreign students at PSU. Andy says, “My role as ‘Dad’ at home or ‘Elder’ at church is a temporary assignment, so my goal is to introduce the next generation to their infinitely wise, eternal Father. To those who may not believe such a Father exists, my goal is to proclaim by word and demonstrate by deed that he exists and loves them.

Dan Graham

Dan Graham elderDan spent most of his early years in Tucson, Arizona, where he came to faith in Christ during one of his father’s long, overseas deployments. At the age of twelve his dad retired from the military, and they moved to the family home in Forest Grove where he met and then married JoLynn. He was a Marine in California, dairy farmer in Washington, and realtor in Oregon. Dan and JoLynn currently live in the craftsman home built by his great grandparents and celebrated 40 years of marriage in 2020 with their 3 children, spouses, and 10 grandchildren. Dan’s family made Westside their home church when they moved back to Oregon in 1991. He appreciates the focus on Jesus Christ and the authority of God’s Word. His desire is to see the unsaved come to Christ and a culture at Westside that encourages believers to grow and depend on God. He believes strongly in the value of individual and small group discipleship and facilitates one of our Life Groups. In Dan’s spare time he enjoys intentional time with his kids and grandkids, reading historical novels, and treks to their cabin on the Wilson River.

Kennedy Hawkins

Kennedy HawkinsKennedy spent the first sixteen years of his life in Laguna Beach, CA. When his parents divorced, he moved to Junction City, OR. While a student at Oregon State, he trusted Christ as his Savior, and Christ radically transformed his life. He married his wife Frances in 1987, and they have three sons. Kennedy and Frances have been part of the Westside fellowship since 1989. Kennedy has been involved in ministry in many areas, including being a Life Group leader, deacon, treasurer, Eagle Fern Camp board member, youth leader, Director of Youth Ministries, and Elder. Kennedy appreciates Westside’s serious commitment to the Scriptures, the love shown by people and their strong desire to follow Christ, and the sense of authentic community. He has a passion to see three things occur in the fellowship. First, he wants Westside to continue lifting up the name of the Lord Jesus. Second, he wants Westside to be a place where people continue to grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ. Third, he wants to see the Gospel transform lives with many people coming into the Kingdom of God. In his spare time, Kennedy likes spending time with his family, enjoying fresh powder days on his snowboard, and hiking in the Columbia River Gorge.

Dan Hickman

dan hickman elderDan grew up right here in the Hillsboro area, attending Hillsboro High School. He met his wife, Amy, in the high school youth group at Westside where they both grew up. They were married at Westside in 1999 and have two sons and two daughters. Dan is a business owner in Hillsboro. He and Amy have been involved in high school youth ministry, and currently serves by facilitating a Life Group. is actively involved in music ministry on Sunday mornings, and preaches during Sunday Worship. Dan has always appreciated the multi-generational approach that Westside takes. He says, "As a young man growing up, I benefited tremendously from the older men around me and the opportunities to encourage others. Seeing the older generation show love for the younger generation at Westside, and visa versa, has been a legacy that I'm passionate about fostering." Dan is excited about what God is doing at Westside in showing love to those around us and seeking to share the good news about Jesus. In his spare time, he enjoys playing with his kids and practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Dick Papworth

dick papworth elderDick was born in Ohio but grew up in a suburb of Chicago. He met his wife Nita while both of them were serving in missions with Operation Mobilization. They have been married for over four decades and have been blessed with two adult daughters and ten grandchildren. Dick and Nita are missionaries to one of the least-reached people groups in the world today. Dick and his team evangelize and disciple this people group through the use of mass media. Dick and Nita came to Westside in 1987 and love the people who are part of the fellowship and are seriously committed to serving them. Dick says, "While not a perfect church, Westside is greatly blessed with godly leadership, a culture of love and caring, and a strong emphasis on Bible teaching." Dick is passionate to see people respond to God's great love for them by wholeheartedly loving, studying and obeying the Bible. He preaches regularly, facilitates a Life Group, helps people on an individual basis, maintains the church website, and helps with church communication.

Mike Raichart

mike raichart elderMike moved many times during his childhood but lived most of the time in the Denver area. When he was 18, he put his faith in Christ. That same summer he met the young lady who would become his wife. He and Karen were married three years later. The Lord blessed them with two sons, and they now have six grandchildren. In 2002 they began attending Westside and jumped in with both feet and began serving in various ways. As an elder, Mike wants to see God work in the hearts of people in the body so each one continues to mature in Christ, becoming all that He intends them to be. One of Mike’s favorite ministries at Westside is greeting newcomers at the registration table with Karen. He is also the liaison between the elders and several other ministries. In addition, he facilitates one of our Life Groups and, on occasion, helps individuals with counseling. Mike and Karen spend considerable time caring for foster kids in their home. In Mike’s leisure time he enjoys being outdoors, gardening, golf and traveling.

Jim Williams

mike raichart elderJim grew up in the San Francisco Bay area. He is a graduate of Biola University and Talbot Seminary with studies in cross-cultural communication at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He earned his doctorate from Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia.

Jim has been married to his wife Gail for 53 years. They have one married son, a licensed physical therapist, and four grandsons.

Since 1968, Jim has served with the Luis Palau Association. Fully bilingual in Spanish and English, he is in charge of the discipleship and counseling ministries. Known in Latin American as Jaime Mirón, he has authored magazine articles and books on subjects relating to Biblical counseling for the Spanish-speaking world. For 15 years, he led a team that produced a new translation of the Bible into Spanish called the Nueva Traducción Viviente and an accompanying study Bible.

Jim is active in the ministry of Westside through teaching, preaching, counseling, and facilitating a Life Group. He likes the emphasis on the Word of God at Westside and the willingness to try new ideas. He wants to see people saved through the witness of members of Westside and then baptized and grow into mature believers.

Jason Wood

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A team of deacons also has a unique and important role in the Westside leadership. The deacons are appointed by the elders and serve in many significant physical and spiritual ministries in the assembly. They must also be biblically-qualified (1 Timothy 3:8-10).

DeWayne Clover

dewayne cloverDeWayne was raised in Orange County in Southern California. Although he did not grow up in a Christian family, he began attending Sunday School at a church near his home. There he heard the Gospel and trusted Christ as his Savior. In 2002 DeWayne and his wife Nan moved to Oregon and began attending Westside. DeWayne says he especially values Westside’s diversity and sense of family. He would like to see people in the fellowship grow deeper in love, grace, and depth of biblical understanding. As part of his service as a deacon, DeWayne oversees the Sunday morning ushering and greeting ministry, helps with building maintenance and repairs, and provides other practical helps. He is employed by several small businesses in the construction and painting trades as office manager and in sales. In his spare time, he enjoys hunting, fishing and home repair projects.

Cole Graham

dewayne clover

Cole grew up in Forest Grove, OR and graduated from Forest Grove High School in 2003. His family started attending Westside in 1991. Cole met his wife Nicole at Westside, and the two were married in 2005. They have two children - Emily and Garrett. Cole has seen the benefit of building long-term relationships with members of the body. He himself was discipled by many of the leaders at Westside. He hopes to have a similar impact on men. Cole said, “I put my family through some very difficult challenges which all came in the light in 2018. Had we not had the support of our church and family I am not sure where we would be today.” Cole has seen personally how engaging regularly in God’s Word can drastically impact a person's life. He hopes to disciple other young men towards a greater love of God and his Word. In his spare time, Cole enjoys supporting and coaching his kids in their passions. He also enjoys golf and hunting.

Jesse Hostynek

dewayne cloverJesse has attended Westside Bible Fellowship since he was born. He grew up in Forest Grove and went to high school in Banks. He has been married to Brittaney since 2012, and they have two beautiful children. Jesse is passionate about getting to know who God is through His written Word. He loves how Westside expresses the importance of the Gospel and how much we need Christ. He passionately wants to see God reveal Himself to every person who walks through the front doors of the church. He leads the Westside Welcome Team, and he and Brittaney help lead our high school youth group called Bridges. In his free time, Jesse loves spending time with his family and watching the New York Yankees.

Rick Lorenz

rick lorenz

Garth Page

garth page

Keith Pagel

keith pagelKeith grew up in Forest Grove and first attended Westside in 1978. After a 10-year absence in Norfolk, Virginia, he returned to Oregon with Martha whom he married in 1990. They have two daughters who are competitive swimmers. Keith is a physician with the VA hospitals in the Portland area. In addition to his work with the deacons, he led our Bridges senior high youth ministry for many years and now mentors our leadership teams. Keith values the sense of community and close friendships that exist at Westside. He has a passion to see more people in the congregation authentically follow Jesus.

Other Leaders

A number of other teams provide leadership for various ministries. The team concept has the advantage of bringing together and maximizing the gifts and vision of a group of committed people.

Sunday Gatherings

Sunday Worship - 10:30 am
Sunday School - 10:30 am