Next Steps

Everyone has a next step. What's yours?

We hope our church can be a place where you connect to others and find a home. We believe in the core values of redemption, grace, and love and, above all, the transforming power of Christ. We haven't arrived, but we're committed to walking the journey together. 

We want to help you take your next step in following Jesus. Whether you're new to Jesus and church or have been following Jesus for a while, there's a next step you can take. For some, the next step is their first step of personally coming to know Jesus. For others, it is baptism, joining a Life Group, finding a place to serve others, and giving financially.

Our dedicated team would love to connect with you, hear more of your story, and help find the best place for you to flourish. Please contact us. We'll be happy to help you.

The First Step

The first step is most important. God loves us and wants to have a close relationship with us. However, our sin against him has created a big relationship problem between us and him because he's holy. This is why Jesus came to this earth to rescue us by allowing himself, the perfectly innocent one, to be crucified while he took on himself our guilt and the punishment we deserved. In order to experience complete forgiveness and gain a restored relationship with God, we simply need to repent of our sin and believe that what Jesus did was for us personally.

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Westside Bible Fellowship practices water baptism.  Christian water baptism is an outward physical expression of the inner spiritual baptism that has already taken place at the point of salvation.  When Christians are baptized, they are publicly stating that they have personally received the benefits of the death and resurrection of Christ. Those who have personally put their faith in Jesus Christ should be baptized as a public expression of their faith and their decision to seriously follow Christ.

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Life Groups

We're learning how to be disciples of Jesus. One very important way we do this is to gather in small groups of people in loving, relational environments designed to help us grow in spiritual maturity and learn to disciple others. This is the model and method Jesus gave us.

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The more we understand how much God loves us, the more we want to share his love with others. We have the wonderful privilege of blessing others by sacrificially serving them. As we use our individual gifts and abilities, others are helped and encouraged and Christ is honored. There are many ways you can serve as a volunteer at Westside. The Elders and other leaders are available to help you find a place to serve that fits your abilities and interests.

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