Our Core Values

Christ Above All
Christ is central to all we believe and do.   
  • Christ is the theme and goal of all of Scripture.
  • Christ is the sovereign Lord over the world.
  • Christ is the head of the Church.
  • The call of discipleship is to follow Christ, be changed by Christ, and join Christ’s mission.
  • The Christian life is a process of being conformed into the image of Christ in character and action.
We missionally engage our culture and the world as the gospel transforms our lives.   
  • Our church grows through people putting their faith in the Lord Jesus.
  • We grow individually by continually applying the gospel to our daily lives.
  • We make proclamation and celebration of the gospel central to every ministry.
  • We invite everyone to come as they are to be transformed into the image of Jesus.
  • We meet people where they are.
  • We remove unnecessary barriers to The Gospel.
  • Our church is inviting and safe.
God transforms us though knowing and applying His Word.   
  • We grow in our knowledge of God’s Word in order to love him more.
  • Use a historical/grammatical approach.
  • Be doers not just hearers.
  • Read and share with each other.
  • Embrace the Scriptures as authoritative for all life issues and Church practice.
  • Implement the following interpretation principles:
    Where the Scriptures are clear and prescriptive, we follow no matter how countercultural it may be. Where the Scriptures show patterns, we will generally follow. Where the Scripture sets forth principles, we will adapt those principles to our current culture.
We seek to make disciples who make disciples in all we do.   
  • We help one another grow into the Lord Jesus’ image through the five stages of spiritual growth:
    1.   Spiritually Dead (unbeliever)
    2.   Infant (brand new believer)
    3.   Child (growing believer)
    4.   Young Adult (contributing believer)
    5.  Spiritual Parent (disciple-maker)
  • We provide an attainable step-by-step path to leadership.
  • We develop and maintain high function and high spiritual impact leadership culture.
  • We believe many leaders bring strength from diverse perspectives.
  • We believe maturity is expressed in spiritual parentage.
  • We identify, invite, equip, release, and support members of the church.
We are designed to grow closer to the Lord in community.   
  • All serve, and all grow by serving.
  • Together, our church is whole.
  • Everyone has a unique role.
  • The person and work of the Lord Jesus unifies us.
  • We celebrate communion weekly.
  • We work together in the Lord and each other.
  • We fight for relationship.
  • We grow together in authentic relationships.
Humility In Everything
We humbly seek input from the Holy Spirit and others.   
  • Make room for the still small voice of the Holy Spirit.
  • Seek and receive input from others.
  • Understand that this character trait is essential for unity.
We are defined by Christ’s love in our hearts for each other, our “enemies,” and the lost.
  • Our Elders/pastors/leaders lovingly shepherd the church.
  • We love each other and live life together.
  • We experience the life of Christ through living sacrificially for others.
  • We abide in the love of the Triune God.
  • We love him back.
  • We love through obedience.
  • We love the church.
  • We love the lost.
  • We love our enemies.