Revelation – A new preaching and Life Group series

Revelation Title SlideWestside is currently engaged in a study of the book of Revelation, the last book in the Bible. We’re preaching through the book on Sunday mornings and discussing it in our weekly Life Groups.

Many are excited about studying this wonderful book and anticipating that God will deepen their understanding of who Jesus is and what He will do in the future.

This book in the Bible is called “The Revelation of Jesus Christ” because it is all about Christ. In it, we see who Christ is and what He will do in the future to punish evil, establish true righteousness, defeat Satan once and for all, and take His children to heaven where they will live with Him forever.

We encourage you to read and study Revelation on your own. If you come to sections that are difficult to understand, pray for understanding, and keep on reading. Join us on Sunday mornings to hear the book taught. Also, regularly connect with your Life Group so you can discuss the book with others.

Expect to be blessed. Expect to be encouraged. Expect to be warned.