Life Groups

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Westside Bible Fellowship exists to make disciples of Jesus who in turn make disciples of Jesus. What is a disciple of Jesus?

A disciple is someone who is:
1. Following Jesus by being in relationship with him and submitting to his authority.
2. Being changed by Jesus by spending time with him through Bible study and prayer.
3. Committed to the mission of Jesus by fulfilling his command to make disciples of all nations.

We are learning to become disciples of Jesus primarily by gathering in small groups of people that meet in loving, relational environments designed to help them grow in maturity as disciples who learn to disciple others. This is the model and method that Jesus gave us. Listen to this message about Westside's commitment to relational discipleship. We encourage every adult to join a Life Group. 

Life Groups are not just Bible studies, although studying the Bible is foundational where we listen carefully to what God tells us in His Word, the Bible.

A relational environment is best formed through a group of three to eighteen people and facilitated by a leader who models the fruit of the Spirit,. It is a safe, loving environment where people can be honest about their struggles and victories, maintain confidentiality, strive to live in peace, and encourage each other to follow and obey Jesus. 

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Sunday Gatherings

Sunday Worship - 10:30 am
Sunday School - 10:30 am
Junior High "The Power" Youth Group - 6:00 pm
High School "Bridges" Youth Group - 6:00 pm